From The US to Japan, Worlds End travels well

October 27th, 2014 @ 07:01am Jonathan Maltus Wine 0

We all know wine tastes just tastes different up in the air. Usually fragrant whites lose their aromatics and red wines tend to become more astringent. Again, as we all become savvier in the vino department, airlines are focusing a considerable amount of their resources on the tasting process in the quest of finding the right bottles for their passengers. Lucky for us our wines seem to fit the bill.

We are pleased to announce our alliance with All Nippon Airways. Commencing in 2015, ANA in-flight wine selection will include our 2009 World’s End ‘Little Sister’ Merlot Reserve, Napa Valley, which is to be poured in First Class routes.

Having recently been selected as a finalist in the category ‘Best First Class Cellar’ at the annual ‘Cellars in the Sky’ awards, organized by U.K.-based Business Traveller magazine, we are excited to be part and parcel with an airline that is excelling in what is becoming a highly competitive top-end travel business.
A smidgen of good luck for us and hopefully good news for our high flying loyal followers; we are now represented on three continents, through American Airlines, Emirates and ANA – so a free glass of our wine, whether it hails from Napa Valley or Bordeaux, may be waiting patiently for you, to help you relax, unwind and easy the stress of the day as you recline and enjoy the comfort of those 5 star hotel quality quilts found exclusively in first class. 


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