KEEP CALM : \"Don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring”

October 15th, 2014 @ 07:08am Jonathan Maltus Wine 0

 This has been an interesting vintage, and it keeps going – really, truly an “Indian Summer”.

There has been talk that some Bordeaux Chateaux have been lucky to bring their harvest in in time and that there has been some kind of panic or relief - but actually, here in Saint Emilion – not really so. 

I can only recall one day of serious rain – last Thursday - where we stopped picking (bear in mind that we have over one hundred and twenty acres of vines to bring in). Otherwise it’s been as business as usual. Degrees the other side of 13 and AT’s down.

So we’ve been slow at it here at CHATEAU TEYSSIER (that usually works), and indeed, we haven’t even started down by the river -  where we still have both Merlot and Cabernet Franc to go. 
The most important news is that’ we’ll be picking LE DOME on Friday (HOW’S THAT FOR A FORECAST!) and, if the weather gives us what we’re promised – all is right with the world. "And you may say that I'm a dreamer - but I'm not the only one...."

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